Where do we begin?

One of the most common questions is “Wow . . . we like what we see . . . how do we get started?”

Step One

Contact us for an initial meeting. or 717-657-4802. David will personally meet with you to discuss your new home, review any ideas, and introduce you to our building process. Don’t have blueprints yet? problem we will help craft your ideas and interests into your next home plan.

Step Two

A sketch plan of your new home will be drawn and an estimated construction cost will be provided with “menu” priced options.

Step Three

An initial deposit is requested and detailed drawings are furnished of the exterior and interior of your home. Design meetings are scheduled to refine the details and layout of the home. A site visit is then scheduled where David will stake out your homes location with you, giving you a true sense of where your home will site and the potential grading of the yard and location of the driveway

Step Four

Contract and specifications are finalized. Financing is set in place and we are ready to build your home. We detail the construction schedule and provide you with a clear list of fixtures and items that are to be selected

Call or email us today . . . we look forward to starting the exciting process of designing and building your new home!